Love is in the Aereo.

Presenting our mission and our team as we reach for the sky.

Aereo New York City Skyline

Photo taken from Aereo office, January 2012

One day, a group of brilliant engineers at Aereo created a new species of antenna. Just the size of a thumbnail, this small but mighty creature captured the hearts of New York City airwaves and became accessible to us through the Internet. We combined these antennas with a beautiful interface for what became a perfect marriage. A match made in heaven… Well, maybe not heaven, but close: the New York City Skyline. Your Broadcast is live, DVR is on board. Our launch crew has developed a better way for you to be entertained…  So take a deep breath – no more gasping for air. We have your Aereo supply.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple; we are trying to simplify. TV at the moment is complicated. Between the lackluster technology and the lack of choice and portability there is room for improvement. So, we’re making our television experience simple. We’re breaking free from clutter and complication, wires and boxes, and useless gadgetry. TV comprises an essential part of our cultural heritage. We enjoy waking up to the morning news – it’s habitual. We love our dramas, our live sports, and ending our day with uplifting sitcoms. TV is a tradition, an escape and a source of comfort. TV is important to our lives so it must function well. We’re providing a new technology that enables choice and freedom. Your life is on your own terms. TV should be as well. It’s that simple.

Who We Are

Engineers. Marketers. Designers. Thinkers. Doers. Media Hounds. Tech Nerds. TV Junkies. Even an Olympic Medalist. You can say we’re sophisticated entrepreneurs or seasoned executives. Call us savvy, fearless, creative, humble. But all we really want to stress is that we love TV. All kinds. In every form. At any time of day. And, now, in any PLACE in this city! Improving access to our favorite pastime is our reason for joining forces. This “launch crew” was assembled by Chet Kanojia, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed tech nerd. It is under Chet’s guidance that we are boldly embarking into this new world that is above and beyond your television. We’re a team for TV. We’re improving our source for entertainment. And we want you to experience this as well.

Airing Aereo

Aereo's invention: miniaturized antennas!

When you sign up for Aereo, we assign you an antenna so you can watch TV on your mobile devices. To activate an account, create a username and password on or connect through Facebook or Twitter. There is no downloading necessary. No apps, no cords, no clutter, no fuss. Sign in from your computer, tablet, or phone. You can even stream on your big TV. Enjoy live programming or record your favorite shows. That’s it.

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16 thoughts on “Love is in the Aereo.

  1. Donna

    I love the concept and the vision. Getting rid of those cable boxes and dvrs would make me very happy (and that is your goal in life, right?). Now I am hoping that New York City means Brooklyn!

  2. Marcelo Pestana


    I just want to say o hope one day this service could be provided in Brazil. I live in Santos, a city port in brasilian state of São Paulo and Love to watch in my IPad the ABC News. could you think ther any possibilita?

  3. Scott

    I would love this to come out Internet wide. I already cut cable because of the cost and use only iTunes or Netflix for my content but this would be perfect for my family and I as an alternative to cable. Please expand this concept to more areas in the US.

  4. Jason

    Are there plans to expand other cities, and if so, what is your proposed timeline? I imagine you’ll focus on major markets first, but for someone like me who lives in Virginia beach, will I and when should I expect for your service available? Thanks. I’m really stoked for this.

  5. Mike C

    Can we get Yes Network with Aereo? I want to ditch Time Warner but it’s the only way I can get my Yankees games because isn’t available for the Yanks in NYC.

    1. tcannata Post author

      Thanks for the question, Mike! You can access Aereo on Network Broadcast Television stations throughout the NYC home market. Go Yanks!

  6. Phil

    I already cut the cable a few months ago, so let me know when you get into Northern Ohio and the Cleveland area.

  7. Peter

    Outstanding to see you all “on the air” and running! Looking forward to great things.

    As the saying goes, I’ll stay tuned.

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