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Guilt Free TV

It’s Sunday afternoon. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all you want to do is watch TV. You feel like a child, ignoring your mother’s demand to get off the couch and play outside. With her voice in your head, you can’t shake the guilt of being isolated in your apartment on a perfect spring day in NYC. 

This was the situation in which I found myself a week ago. Last Sunday felt like the first true day of spring in NYC. With cherry blossoms abounding, New Yorkers enjoyed clear skies, warm air and the park and restaurant transformation that occurs with the inevitable coming of spring. Since going home to watch TV seemed a bit idiotic, I planted myself in Bryant Park. I grabbed an iced tea, found a shady spot, tapped into Bryant Park’s free WiFi and perused the comedy lineup on my Aereo Remote DVR. It was the best of both worlds. I did not succumb to the temptation of secluded entertainment and ignore the importance of time spent outdoors. I heard the birds, I felt the sun and I logged into Aereo. Mother would approve!

The Start of a Startup

As mentioned before, Aereo has been moving at an incredible pace. From tech development to our consumer launch, we’ve come a long way. Here are some photos of what building Aereo has been like for our team… 

Aereo’s Tech Team collaborating on what became a tremendous challenge

Marketing and Ops get an office!

Our office "kitchen" showcases what used to be The Aereo Diet: snacks, coffee and Advil. We're much healthier now.

Aereo logo development - it's unveiling day!

Photoshoot for Aereo website with our branding agency

Our photographer on location at The High Line. Awesome sunset!

The Aereo Team working late at IAC's event space the night before our press launch.

Team photo on the morning of our press launch. Despite lack of sleep, we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - ready to get the word out about Aereo!

Barry Diller introduces Chet…

…and Chet introduces our dime-sized miniaturized antenna!

Meanwhile, our office watches Chet’s presentation while wondering if the demo gods will smile upon us...

The next day, Chet is found reading about Aereo on front of the New York Times business section.

Our Aereo Brand Team delivers Aereo accounts to happy beta users!

Aereo Launch Party at Hotel Williamsburg

Chet and our UX Team discuss Aereo for tech enthusiasts at General Assembly

Aereo launches to consumers and meets enthusiastic New Yorkers!

My Aereo Manifesto: Teressa

An employee’s perspective.

Who I Am: Aereo Marketer, Minimalist, NYC Transplant 

Favorite Aspect of My Job: Using creativity to build a business!

Preferred Aereo Experience: In bed, on my iPad

When Aereo Saved Me: Waiting for 2 hours in the Doctor’s office

Proposed Company Mascot: Flying Squirrel    

Disclaimer: I work for Aereo. I am admittedly biased. Yet what brought me here was the fact that I believe in what we’re doing. Here’s my platform on our platform!

After moving here from San Francisco, I began to question my desire for television. New York apartments are very small, as we all know. When you’re lucky enough to have a living area aside from your bedroom, you are faced with the one challenge that destroys your goal of using space wisely; you must determine where to place the television set. You pick a wall, pay someone to mount it for you and proceed to place all your furniture to cater to proper entertainment viewing. The room becomes awkward; space is compromised and furniture placement contrived. There’s a couch blocking the restroom, a chair en route to the kitchen, and suddenly your ideas of comfort and organization are reduced to irrelevance…  but at least you can see the television.

Once settled in my new NYC apartment, I decided to get rid of my television. It made no sense that my living area was harboring this large device and essentially “giving up” one half of the room. So, I parted ways with my TV. At first, I enjoyed the advantages; I had more spending money and my friends could actually enter my apartment without tripping through a maze. Yet as life without TV continued, I started to miss my nightly sitcoms and morning news. I thought about purchasing a small TV to satisfy my need for entertainment and mitigate the space issue but quickly decided otherwise when I discovered Aereo. I jumped at the opportunity to access my beloved shows on a device I already owned. It was the perfect solution.

I love television, but I can’t have a large device/screen invading my space and dictating my small but precious environment. Now I have TV on my own terms. I watch what I want, I record what I want and I pay very little. With Aereo, I’m saving money and space; two things that are hard to come by in this crazy town.