Aereo Prevails, Part II

Chalk up another victory for consumers

Today marks another important day for consumers as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in favor of Aereo, upholding a July 2012 decision denying a request for a preliminary injunction against Aereo.

In other words, we’re one step ahead in the fight for innovation, progress, and consumer choice.

“Today’s ruling to uphold Judge Nathan’s decision sends a powerful message that consumer access to free-­‐to-­‐air broadcast television is still meaningful in this country and that the promise and commitment made by the broadcasters to act in the public interest in exchange for the public’s spectrum, remains an important part of our American fabric.

“We may be a small start-up, but we’ve always believed in standing up and fighting for our consumers.  We are grateful for the court’s thoughtful analysis and decision and we look forward to continuing to build a successful business that puts consumers first.”

-Chet Kanojia, Aereo Founder and CEO


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