Aereo 101

So, you’ve signed up for Aereo! Hooray!


Now what?

In our new series, Aereo 101, we’ll be going over some of Aereo’s basic features and take you through using Aereo, step by step.

Class is now in session.

Lesson 1: Scheduling a future recording

Step 1
Check your calendar; realize you’ve got a date on the same night as your favorite show. Panic!

Step 2
Breathe, and decide whether or not the date is actually worth getting off the couch for. Remind yourself to plan your week better.

Step 3
Log on to and head to the Guide tab (top left corner of your screen). Find the show you want to record and click on it. Or simply type in the name of the show into Aereo’s search feature (the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen).

Step 4
When given the choice at the bottom of the show’s screen to “Watch” or “Record”, select “Record” and then select how often you would like to record it. (Remember that it’s a DVR so that when you press “Watch” you also make a recording so that you can use all of those nifty DVR features like pause and rewind).

Step 5
Do a little happy dance.

Step 6
While you’re on, you can schedule other future recordings as well. Then, you can head to the Recordings tab (to the right of the Guide) in order to access and manage your recordings.

Step 7
Get to that date and fall in love!

See, pretty easy! If you have any questions, our Customer Support team can help. Have a question for our team? Email us at