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Aereo Announces Additional Financing Round

Additional $34 million investment will support Aereo’s rapid nationwide expansion

New York, NY (January 7, 2014) – Aereo, Inc., today announced that it has closed a $34 million Series C round of financing. The new round of financing will support Aereo’s rapid nationwide expansion and increased investments in hiring and technology.  IAC was joined by iconic media investor Gordon Crawford and Himalaya Capital Management, as well as existing investors Highland Capital Partners, FirstMark Capital and others for this additional round of funding.  Crawford, a media and entertainment industry veteran, is one of the industry’s most influential and successful investors, having worked at Capital Research and Management for 41 years. Himalaya Capital Management is led by global investor and human rights activist Li Lu.

Today’s announcement will be made by Aereo’s CEO and Founder, Chet Kanojia, at the Citi Global Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference in Las Vegas.  To listen to a live stream of the event, click here. The audio stream will begin on January 8 at 9:45am PST.

“Aereo experienced tremendous growth in 2013 and we expect 2014 to be another blockbuster year,” said Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia. “Last year at this time, Aereo was launched in only New York City.  Today, Aereo is available in 10 markets and will grow to 15 by the end of the quarter. In 2013, we also launched our first native app for Android, made improvements to enhance the user experience and more than doubled our employee headcount. Consumers are craving choice and options and as a result, we continue to see explosive growth across all our markets.

“Aereo has scaled very quickly in 365 days and this additional funding will allow us to maintain this rapid pace of growth. We are thrilled to have a world-class group of investors who believe innovative, cloud-based technologies, like Aereo, are the future,” said Kanojia.

Aereo is currently available to residents in the following markets: New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Salt Lake City, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Baltimore.  Aereo’s innovative remote (cloud-based) antenna/DVR technology makes watching television simple and user-friendly.  Using Aereo’s technology, consumers can pause and rewind any program that they are watching live, or save a program for future viewing.

Aereo membership begins at $8 per month, for access to Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of DVR storage. For an additional $4, consumers can upgrade their membership and receive 60 hours of DVR storage for a total of $12 per month.  Consumers who join Aereo will get their first of month of access for free.  Aereo’s technology works on ‘smart’ devices from tablets to phones to laptop computers.  Aereo is currently supported on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. The Aereo for Android app (currently in beta) is available for download for devices running Android operating system version 4.1 or higher.  Aereo is also supported on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera, AppleTV (via airplay) and Roku platforms.

To learn more about Aereo’s technology please, visit 

For media inquiries:

Virginia Lam, Aereo, Inc.

LaunchSquad for Aereo

(212) 564-3665


Round Three: Town Hall

The second Presidential Debate is on broadcast television tonight. Don’t miss a single zinger with Aereo.

The Aereo team is continuing its expanded Try for Free access for the second Presidential Debate, enabling consumers to watch the Town-Hall style debate live on compatible Internet-enabled devices.  The debate showdown is being hosted at Hofstra University on Long Island and will be aired on all major broadcast networks tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.

To watch the debate live with Aereo, simply visit and create a login and password. Pending capacity, consumers can use Try for Free immediately on compatible devices. There is no credit card to enter, but users must be located within New York City.  Data charges may apply, so please check with your provider.

Great Debates Part Two: Biden vs. Ryan

Accessing free, over-the-air broadcast television should be simple and easy for the public.  Enhancing and supporting public access to local broadcast signals is important to keeping local broadcasters vibrant and the public informed about what’s happening in the world and community around them.  By temporarily expanding our Try for Free access to accommodate the debate time frame, we’re providing the public with another avenue to more fully engage in this year’s election process.  We hope people continue to take advantage of this expanded access and watch this Thursday’s debate.” – Aereo CEO and Founder, Chet Kanojia

The Aereo Team is doing it again.

On the heels of last week’s successful expanded Try for Free access for the Presidential Debate, Aereo is announcing today that we will again expand our Try for Free feature for Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.  That means New Yorkers will be able to watch the debate, live on broadcast TV, on compatible Internet-connected devices with Aereo.

The debate kicks off at 9:00pm EST and Aereo will temporarily expand Try for Free access until 11:00pm to accommodate the debate time frame.  The debate will be aired by all of the major over-the-air broadcasters.

Our Try for Free feature is simple to use.  Visit, create a login and password and, subject to capacity, consumers can begin using Aereo Try For Free immediately on compatible devices.  There is no credit card to enter, but users must be located within New York City.  Data charges may apply, so please check with your provider.

To learn more, read our press release here.  And on Thursday, watch the debate with Aereo.



Great Debates

“Free, over-the-air broadcast television is a critically important part of the American fabric. Elections are won and lost on these airwaves.  The important issues of the day – issues that impact every family across this country – are discussed and debated on free-to-air broadcast television.  Aereo’s technology is key to simplifying access to that information.  Everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.  By temporarily expanding daily Try for Free access from one to two hours to accommodate the debate time frame, we’re providing the public with expanded opportunity to engage more fully in the process.” – Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia

The Aereo team announced this morning that we are expanding our Try for Free access to New York consumers to two hours (from 9-11:00 p.m. EST) tonight in order to enable users to watch the first Presidential Debate of 2012.  We’re keeping true to our mission of simplifying consumer access to free over-the-air broadcast television and making our groundbreaking remote antenna technology available on compatible devices to consumers for free during each of this year’s three Presidential Debates.   The first Presidential Debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney begins at 9:00 p.m. EST and will be aired by all major over-the-air broadcast networks.

Aereo believes that consumers have a fundamental right to access over the air television that broadcasts on the public airwaves, and that enhancing and supporting public access to that local broadcast signal is important.

How do you access Try For Free? Getting started is simple: Visit, create a login and password and, subject to capacity, consumers can begin using Aereo Try For Free immediately on compatible devices.  There is no credit card to enter, but users must be located within New York City.  Data charges may apply, please check with your provider.

Download Press Release

Office Picks: Headphones

It’s that time of year when people start heading back to school and work and we’re sad to say our fantastic interns are as well! After a busy summer in our NYC office, David and Janay tell us which headphones they like for optimizing their Aereo experience.

When we watch TV with Aereo, work at the office, or ride the subway in NYC, we always rely on our headphones to give us a little escape from the loud reality of the city. Headphones are absolutely essential in helping us get through the day and when it comes to headphones, we are very, very particular.  We want to share our favorite styles with you.

When we’re easily distracted: Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones
These headphones are a timeless classic. We find them incredibly comfortable with very crisp sound. Also, these headphones have noise reduction so when life gets noisy and we can’t seem to focus, we can always count on these headphones to get us in the zone.

When we cruise the streets of downtown Manhattan: Apple Earphones – White
We think these are the most stylish headphones on the block for any urban dweller.

When we are too lazy to take our headphones off: Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones
You know that moment when you are in the middle of watching your favorite TV show with Aereo, and you get a phone call? Well, that problem for us is solved using this pair of in-ear headphones. Fit with a 3-button microphone and remote system, we love the sound quality.

When we’re trying to save a buck: Panasonic RP-HJE120 Earbud Headphones
One of the first things you learn in college is how to spend the least money and get the biggest bang for your buck. We think these have incredible sound, comfort and a low price tag. And they’re available in eight different colors. For us, they are perfect for studying in style without breaking the bank.

When we don’t want to be bogged down by cords: JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headphones
The name says it all: freedom. These headphones are great in-ear headphones with an extra perk: no tangles. Lightweight and cord-free!

The trademarks used in this post belong to their respective owners and are not associated with Aereo.

Aereo New Pricing Options

Calling all New Yorkers! Aereo announced today an exciting new pricing structure. What is it? Let’s give you the rundown…

Who? Aereo. Who else?

What? NEW PRICING! There’s a plan for everyone and Aereo Try For Free includes a commitment-free option that enables you to experience Aereo’s technology for up to one continuous hour each day.* Other plan options include a $1 day pass, $8 and $12 monthly plans or an $80 annual plan. See full pricing grid below for details.

When? Right now! You can get started today.

Where? The five boroughs of New York City: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. (And we’re looking to expand!).

Why? We believe in choice. One size does not fit all. We understand that people have different needs and lifestyles, so we are providing more options for people to access live HD broadcast whenever and wherever they want. Power to the people.

*data rates may apply and usage is subject to capacity

Download Press Release

Eye on the Ball: Sports, HD & Aereo

Consumers once had antennas that didn’t always work well. In order to get a better picture, they switched to paid TV. Then they were introduced to DVR and hi-definition television, and over time, they somehow came to believe that the free-to-air broadcast signal wasn’t available, let alone with DVR and HD. It is available. With Aereo, consumers now have antennas that they can control through their devices along with a DVR and that incredible picture quality. 

Remember those HDTV ads that sparkled with crystal clear images of blue skies, bright uniforms and carefully manicured golf courses with sharp blades of grass? There is no doubt that high-definition television enhances entertainment for all viewers, but it’s been especially beneficial for sports fans. This month, millions of people are tuning in to watch the United States compete in a multitude of games. We’re especially interested in golf and tennis, two sports that have undoubtedly been enhanced by HD quality picture; their objects of focus being the miniature golf ball and the elusive tennis ball.

Golf and tennis balls are perfect examples of what HD can do for a sport. They are the most important objects to track in their respective games yet increasingly difficult to see on a screen. While both are hard to see, there’s a major difference between how pixels and your eyes track these objects. To see the golf ball, major skill on part of the cameraman kicks in as the ball moves relative to the earth, but not much relative to the camera. To the eye, it’s actually the background, and not the ball, that is moving. The pixels focus on the object that is not moving, which, in this case, is the ball as the camera keeps it in the same frame. Your brain blurs the background because you are concentrating on what you perceive to be a moving object. With a tennis ball, the background is stable, but not relative to the camera. The players and ball are moving while sophisticated electronics use a pack of mathematical tricks to compress the picture and estimate the motion of the moving players and ball, foreseeing where they will go just a few milliseconds ahead and portraying their progress across the screen using small bits of information to do so. With the golf ball, you’re focused on the object itself. With the tennis ball, you’re focused on its path. Your ability to see a distant golf ball and the movement of an erratic tennis ball has thus improved through the invention of HD, which has forever changed sports entertainment by creating a more sensory experience. And, like the tennis ball, HD has been on its own moving path, such that you can now see the ruffle on a golfer’s shirt on a screen through use of Aereo’s technology.

With Aereo, access to over-the-air HD broadcast is an inexpensive option. Through advanced signal processing, our engineers built the technology so it’s dynamic and versatile – the result is video in 3 rates, seen on the Aereo UI, for you to adjust or adaptively adjust based on your Internet connection, providing a quality HDTV experience and giving you the ability to see beads of sweat on an athlete’s face. How’s that for $12 a month?!


Wi-Fi Hotspot: McCarren Park

Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods, Brooklyn
(N. 12 St., Lorimer St., Manhattan Ave between Bayard St. and Berry St. – Nassau Ave) 

What’s there: A running track, tennis and handball courts, a soccer/football field, and a *pool opening in June 2012!

Where to eat in the area: Spritzenhaus, Five Leaves, Urban Rustic, Lokal Mediterranean Bistro, Calexico, Lomzynianka

Subway stop: Nassau Ave (G) or Bedford Ave (L)

Wi-Fi connection: Network name “attwifi” – no password required. (It’s free thanks to NYC and AT&T!)

*The McCarren Park Pool is reopening on June 28th after being closed for 28 years. The timing couldn’t be better as this is the first year we can watch live TV poolside! Between the pool, our love for Brooklyn eats and Aereo, summer is off to a great start. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see how we’re celebrating.

Photo rendering of McCarren pool - courtesy of New York City Department of Parks and Recreation


Hey New Yorker! Whatcha Watchin?

A Q&A with one of our loyal Aereo members…

Name: Taylor Griggs

Age: 23

Job: Coordinator, Global Consumer Engagement at Estee Lauder

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Favorite Blogs: roost, secret forts, orangette, the coveteur, gothamist, ten songs that saved your life, 101 cookbooks

Favorite NYC Restaurants: Cafe Colette, Roberta’s, The Fat Radish, Peels, Gemma, Tiffin Wallah

What was your first AIM screen name? Honesty please! Tay0071 (tay007 was taken)

Do you consider yourself a TV lover or a casual viewer? Casual viewer, with some deep-rooted love for certain shows

How did you hear about Aereo? I met an Aereo employee and she invited me to be part of the beta program. I’m now forever indebted to her!

Has Aereo changed your lifestyle? Yes. My entire morning routine changed with the introduction of the morning news.

How have you been using Aereo? On my couch, watching via AppleTV airplay on my large screen while having my morning cup (er, pot) of coffee.

How did you access live TV before Aereo? I didn’t! I was too cheap!

Where is the most unique place you’ve used Aereo? The bathroom. No shame.

What do you think Aereo’s motto should be? “Giving New Yorkers one more thing to feel superior about.”

Guilt Free TV

It’s Sunday afternoon. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all you want to do is watch TV. You feel like a child, ignoring your mother’s demand to get off the couch and play outside. With her voice in your head, you can’t shake the guilt of being isolated in your apartment on a perfect spring day in NYC. 

This was the situation in which I found myself a week ago. Last Sunday felt like the first true day of spring in NYC. With cherry blossoms abounding, New Yorkers enjoyed clear skies, warm air and the park and restaurant transformation that occurs with the inevitable coming of spring. Since going home to watch TV seemed a bit idiotic, I planted myself in Bryant Park. I grabbed an iced tea, found a shady spot, tapped into Bryant Park’s free WiFi and perused the comedy lineup on my Aereo Remote DVR. It was the best of both worlds. I did not succumb to the temptation of secluded entertainment and ignore the importance of time spent outdoors. I heard the birds, I felt the sun and I logged into Aereo. Mother would approve!