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Best Wishes for a Streaming New Year!

Let’s make this year even better than the last with some resolutions.

If you’re looking to clear some of the clutter in the New Year, consider signing up for Aereo. With all the hardware in the cloud, your home needs less stuff collecting dust for you to access Live TV.

And, if you’re looking to make some thrifty financial decision to kick off the new year– consider Aereo as an affordable way to record and stream live television.

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Happy New Year!

-Your Friends at Aereo

Happy New Year from Aereo

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple this Thanksgiving

Are you sticking around NYC this Thanksgiving while your roommates and friends head home for the holidays? Fear not, there’s plenty that NYC has to offer you and your fellow transplants this weekend.

New Yorkers, whether born and bred or imported, know how to make Thanksgiving (and every other day), a fun and exciting day to spend in the city. Whether ordering in their favorite take out, or roasting a huge turkey in a tiny oven, young NYC dwellers have made the most of this opportunity to get together with friends, cram into a tiny apartment, and have a proper merry Thanksgiving feast.

We wanted to share a few ideas for an awesome, in-the-city New York transplant celebration:

  1. We found this great guide, complete with bars, restaurants, and other things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving: “The Ultimate 2012 Brooklyn Thanksgiving Guide“. Pick a spot and Instagram your tasty meal.
  2. What’s better than potluck in a one-bedroom apartment! Get on Facebook and find your fellow transplants. You may just start a new tradition with a cherished group of friends.
  3. Want to deep fry a turkey? Don’t do it on your fire escape! But if you have the right set up and want to give it a try, here’s how to do it safely.
  4. Did you know many movie theaters are open on Thanksgiving? Catch the new Lincoln movie, or if it’s your cup of tea – Twilight.
  5. And of course if you choose to veg out with some TV, log in or sign up with Aereo. It’s that time of year for great sports and holiday programming! But really, you live in New York City, so…
  6. Go see the historic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade live! People travel from all over the world to come see the parade and it’s right in your own backyard.

Whatever you decide, have fun, be safe, and enjoy the day off!