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Record Now. Watch Later.

At Aereo, we’re all about giving you more choices. That’s why we put your DVR in the cloud, so you can set it to record the shows you want from your phone, tablet, desktop, or any other compatible device. And we made it easy – 3-step easy, in fact.

How to Record Live for Later:

Step 1. Select the show you want to record from the Aereo guide. 

Step 2. Choose the “Record” option on your show.


Step 3. Set the options for your recording. You have a whole bunch of choices for how you record: just this once, every new episode, or all episodes.

And that’s it! We wanted to make recording the shows you love easy, because what good is a DVR if you’re not able to control it on the go? For more tips on how to manage your recordings and other Aereo features, check out our Support page.

An Inside Look at How Aereo’s Technology Works

Watch the video below for an inside look at how our cloud-based antenna and DVR technology works:

And now try Aereo for FREE with a month trial!


Standing up for Innovation, Progress, and Technology, Continued

Last December, we agreed to the broadcasters’ request to seek review of their claims by the
United States Supreme Court. We made that decision because we wanted their claims against Aereo resolved on their merits, rather than through a wasteful war of attrition.

On April 22, Aereo will present our case to the United States Supreme Court. We remain steadfast in our conviction that Aereo’s cloud-based antenna and DVR technology falls squarely within the law. We have every hope and confidence that the Court will validate and preserve a consumer’s right to access local over-the-air television using an individual antenna, make a personal recording with a DVR, and watch that recording on a device of their choice.

Much has been written about Aereo and its technology, as well as the Supreme Court case. Many of you have reached out to us asking for more information and ways to help the company.

Today, we are launching a website, that provides you with some basic information about Aereo and the legal claims before the Supreme Court.

At, you’ll find court briefs, amicus briefs and court decisions related to the Supreme Court case. You can also sign up for updates to stay in touch with the Aereo team.

What is at stake in this case is much bigger than Aereo. We believe that consumers are entitled to use a modern, cloud-based, version of an antenna and DVR and that consumers should not be constrained to 1950’s era technology to watch free-to-air broadcast television. The broadcasters’ positions in this case, if sustained, would impair cloud innovation and threaten the myriad benefits to individuals, companies, and the economy at large of the advances in cloud computing and cloud storage. Several amicus briefs including those from CCIA and Mozilla, Public Knowledge, the Consumer Electronics Association and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, directly address these issues.

We hope you’ll find useful. Sign up for updates and spread the word!

Thank you for your continued support. It means a great deal to all of us at Aereo.

Yours truly,
Chet Kanojia

A Letter To Our Consumers

Standing up for technology, innovation and progress

At Aereo, our team of engineers set out to create a new way to watch television that would be simple, elegant, and useful. The result: Aereo’s unique cloud-based antenna and DVR technology.

Our innovative technology leverages the power of the Internet to create a smarter, more sophisticated over-the-air antenna for the digital world and an easy-to-use cloud-based DVR that you can control and watch from a smart phone, tablet, computer or Internet connected television.

Despite the fact that consumers have long had the right to use an antenna to watch over-the-air television and make recordings for their own personal use, the major broadcasters filed suit against Aereo in New York alleging copyright infringement and sought to prevent Aereo from providing its technology.  The broadcasters asked the Court to deny you, the consumer, the ability to use the cloud to access a more modern-day television antenna and DVR.

That requested injunction has been denied on three separate occasions in this case, once at the federal district court level and twice at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The case is now in front of the United States Supreme Court and oral arguments will be heard on April 22, 2014. Today, we filed our response brief, setting forth the basis for our steadfast conviction that Aereo’s cloud-based antenna and DVR technology falls squarely within the law.

We have every confidence that the Court will validate and preserve a consumer’s right to access local over-the-air television using an individual antenna, make a personal recording with a DVR, and watch that recording on a device of their choice.  We think you should be able to decide whether you use home equipment or whether you take advantage of the ease, convenience and lower cost of cloud-based equipment and storage.

We will keep you updated as our case progresses. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Your tweets, Facebook posts and emails of support mean a great deal to our entire team. Keep them coming and keep your voices loud in support of consumer choice and innovation.

Yours truly,

Chet Kanojia

Statement From Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia

New York, New York (March 26, 2014)Aereo, Inc., today released the following statement from its Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia regarding the company’s response brief filed today in the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Last December, we decided to not oppose the broadcasters’ petition for certiorari before the United States Supreme Court. Today, we filed our response brief setting forth the basis for our steadfast conviction that Aereo’s cloud-based antenna and DVR technology falls squarely within the law. We have every confidence that the Court will validate and preserve a consumer’s right to access local over-the-air television using an individual antenna, make a personal recording with a DVR, and watch that recording on a device of their choice.

“The broadcasters are asking the Court to deny consumers the ability to use the cloud to access a more modern-day television antenna and DVR.  They are asking the Court to confine consumers to outdated equipment and limit their access to lawful technology in order to protect a legacy business model, the success of which is built on eliminating consumer choice and competition in the marketplace.  Broadcasters should not be able to use the Courts or misuse the Copyright Act to drive forward what they believe are their most lucrative business models, at the expense of consumers.

“If the broadcasters succeed, the consequences to American consumers and the cloud industry are chilling.

“The long-standing landmark Second Circuit decision in Cablevision has served as a crucial underpinning to the cloud computing and cloud storage industry.  The broadcasters have made clear they are using Aereo as a proxy to attack Cablevision itself.  A decision against Aereo would upend and cripple the entire cloud industry.

“Since the beginning of television, consumers have had a fundamental right to watch over-the-air broadcast television using an individual antenna, and they have had the right to record copies for their personal use since the U.S. Supreme Court Sony Betamax decision in 1984. These are rights that should be protected and preserved as they have been for generations.

“We look forward to presenting our case to the Supreme Court on April 22 and we have every hope and confidence that the Court will continue validate and preserve a consumer’s right to use lawful technology innovations like Aereo.”


Background on Aereo 

Aereo’s innovative remote (cloud-based) antenna/DVR technology makes watching television simple and user-friendly.  Using Aereo’s technology, consumers can pause and rewind any program that they are watching live, or save a program for future viewing.

Aereo membership begins at $8 per month, for access to Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of DVR storage. For an additional $4, consumers can upgrade their subscription and receive 60 hours of DVR storage for a total of $12 per month.  Consumers who join Aereo will get their first of month of access for free.  Aereo’s technology works on ‘smart’ devices from tablets to phones to laptop computers.  Aereo is currently supported on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and devices running Android operating system version 4.1 or higher.  Aereo is also supported on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera, AppleTV (via airplay) and Roku platforms

To learn more about Aereo’s technology please, visit


For media inquiries:

Virginia Lam, Aereo, Inc.

LaunchSquad for Aereo

(212) 564-3665

What Rain? Day 1 at the Aereo #SurfParty

Despite the weather, Day 1 of the Aereo #SurfParty launched with a huge swell of excitement, as Austinites and SXSW attendees lined up around the block outside the Lanai Rooftop in anticipation of the day’s big events, namely an exclusive free Aereo trial, and the chance to hear CEO Chet Kanojia chat with Re/code’s Peter Kafka.

Austinites came out in droves for the chance to try out Aereo, which recently went live in the area. With tacos from Austin favorite Hecho en Mexico and a totally tubular drink menu, locals got into the spirit of the day. The crowd was definitely enjoying themselves quite a bit:


With the lively crowd relatively tamed, the stage was set for Chet and Peter to sit down and discuss the state of television, the Supreme Court, and the future of Aereo. The day’s festivities and Chet’s conversation certainly converted more than a few people into believers.

A big shout out to the local and national coverage of our Surf Party! For additional in-depth coverage, check out these recaps from USA Today and NPR.

We’re expecting more of the same for Day 2, with a lot of great food, drinks, and of course, surfing the airwaves. Come out to the Lanai from 12-8 and catch some waves with us, SXSW!

5 Can’t-Miss Events at SXSW (Besides our #SurfParty)

SXSW can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In addition to our Surf Party, these are our five can’t-miss events for this year’s SXSW festival.

1. A Conversation with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Saturday, March 8th | 2pm – 3pm

This one is pretty obvious. deGrasse Tyson is currently one of the most influential public intellectuals. Listening to him in conversation with journalist Christie Nicholson is sure to blow a few minds.

2. Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014

Monday, March 10th | 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The past few years, SXSW has become a haven for launching exciting new tech companies and deciphering future trends. This panel figures to provide key insight into what’s next in the world’s of technology and communication, with inside views from Gary Shapiro, CEA; Kevin O’Malley, TechTalk / Studio; and Robert Scoble, Rackspace.

3. Spotify House

Monday, March 10th – Friday, March 14th | 11am – 7PM

With five straight days of live music, the Spotify House should be everyone’s destination for discovering the next artist to watch. It’s great to see Spotify push smaller artists rather than piggyback on established stars. Should be a lot of fun.

4. Video Game History Museum

Friday, March 7th | 1pm – 9pm

Let’s face it. The majority of people at the SXSW Interactive events are huge nerds. A video game history museum is exactly the type of event that will cater to the masses.

5. JIMI: All is By My Side

Wednesday, March 12th | 9pm

It’s a hot ticket, but if you can score a seat at this Jimi Hendrix biopic screening, it’s well worth it. OutKast’s Andre 3000 hasn’t done much the past few years, but starring as Jimi Hendrix more than makes up for it.

Disagree with our list? Tweet at us @aereo with your top events for SXSW.

Test Your Knowledge with Ten Questions on the History of TV

Here at Aereo we love antennas and we love TV. We thought it would be fun to come up with a quiz to test your general TV knowledge. Check it out!

True or False?

  1. Broadcast Television is programming or signals sent over the airwaves for public access.
  2. By 1953, 50% of American homes had a television.
  3. In 1975 Sony introduced Betamax, the first home VCR.
  4. The first national broadcast televised in color was the 1954 Tournament of Roses Parade.
  5. Since 2009 TV stations have been required to broadcast exclusively in a digital format.
  6. The first television station to broadcast a digital TV signal is located in Raleigh, NC.
  7. Many television networks evolved from radio networks.
  8. Television broadcasts both AM and FM.
  9. Nearly 54 million Americans currently watch TV using an antenna.
  10. You can record and watch live broadcast TV online with an Aereo antenna and DVR by going to



Fun Fact: All the answers to the quiz above are True! How did you score?